Tra na mBó Cove - Trawnamoe Cove

Trawnamoe Cove

There is a lot to discover in this small bay. Very prominent stands on the beach a mighty free standing rock needle. In the surrounding rock walls the surf has cut one or the other cave. Usually you are completely alone here, because the bay is a little off the shot and can only be reached by foot (west of Bunmahon Bay a footpath leads from the parking lot into the greenery, which leads above the bay).

Trawnamoe Cove Information

Irish name: Tra na mBó

3 hours

Trawnamoe Cove Location

Trawnamoe Cove Map
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Trawnamoe Cove is located at the Copper Coast in County Waterford, about 1 km west of Bunmahon. You can walk there from Bunmahon along the coast.

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