Lusk Round Tower

Lusk Round Tower

The round tower of Lusk was already built in the 9th century and offered protection to the monastery complex during the numerous Viking raids in this area. At first glance, the 27-metre-high round tower appears to be part of a belfry. But appearances are deceptive. In fact, the rectangular tower was built in the 16th century directly adjacent to the round tower. The medieval builders made every effort to merge their new tower and the round tower into one unit. The nave, which adjoins the bell tower, was not built until the middle of the 19th century. It took almost 1000 years to build this unique building with integrated round tower, which visitors to Lusk can see today.

Lusk Round Tower Information

Irish name: Lusca

1 hour

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Lusk Round Tower is located in Lusk north of Dublin.

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