Dunseverick Castle

Dunseverick Castle

The ruins of Dunseverick Castle are situated on a basalt rock about 7 kilometres east of Bushmills. The wall fragments that can be seen here today probably date back to the 15th century. Already in prehistoric times there was an important fortification in Dunseverick. It marked the northern end of the Royal Road of Tara – seat of the Kings of Ireland.

Ireland’s national saint St. Patrick is also said to have visited Dunseverick several times in the 5th century. He is said to have used a nearby spring for a christening. Even today, this spring is known as St. Patrick’s Well.

Dunseverick Castle Information

Irish name: Caisleán Dhún Sobhairce

1 - 2 hours

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Dunseverick Castle is located about 8 km northeast of Bushmills in County Antrim.

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