The Wild Atlantic Way – at over 2,500 kilometres one of the longest designated coastal roads in the world – winds along Ireland’s west coast from Inishowen Peninsula in northern County Donegal to the coastal town of Kinsale in southern County Cork. The route leads through a coastal landscape shaped by the natural forces of the ocean, whose scenic beauty and diversity is unique. Charming little villages nestled on the coast and ancient monuments, whose origins are lost in the fog of time, line the path. Behind every bend of this magical coastal road awaits a new adventure.

With its untameable floods and storms, the wild Atlantic has always shaped the west coast of Ireland. Where the sea constantly meets the land, it forms a rugged and rough landscape with towering cliffs, beautiful bays and beaches, mystical islands – always in motion and never completed. 
The constant change of tides, light and mood at the ocean also influences people’s lives. In the remoteness on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, ancient traditions and the Irish language have been preserved to this day. A journey along the Wild Atlantic Way is always also an encounter with the past.