Distances are indicated in miles and currency is the British pound – these are already the biggest differences to the Republic of Ireland to which visitors have to adjust. The people here are as friendly and helpful as in the Republic and the beauty of the landscape of Northern Ireland is beyond doubt anyway. The fact that many places in Northern Ireland have recently been chosen as the setting for the fantasy series “Game of Thrones” and that you are greeted at Belfast International Airport with “Welcome to Westeros” speaks for itself. In many places Northern Ireland is simply fabulously beautiful.

The large lake areas, called Lakelands, and inland waterways can be explored ideally by houseboat. The A2 runs along the entire Northern Irish coast and with it such popular tourist routes as the “Mourne Coastal Route”, “Antrim Coast Road” and “Causeway Coastal Route“. And of course there are the big cities like Belfast, Lisburn or Londonderry, also called Derry, where in many places the time of the “Troubles” is still in mind.