New Ryanair cabin baggage regulations

Since 15 January 2018, new cabin baggage regulations are in effect on Ryanair flights

Since 15 January 2018, new cabin baggage regulations are in effect on Ryanair flights. As at the start of the 2018 holiday season these regulations are still causing confusion among many passengers, we want to explain the new cabin baggage regulations of the Irish airline in an understandable way.

Every passenger is still allowed to travel with Ryanair with two cabin bags free of charge. However, you can only bring the smaller bag (35 x 20 x 20 cm – handbag, laptop, small backpack, etc.) on board, while the larger bag (55 x 40 x 20 cm, maximum 10 kg) will be transported in the cargo hold. If you book the Priority option (also Flexi Plus, Plus or Family Plus) for your flight, you may bring both the smaller and larger cabin bag with you on board.

Passengers who only fly with hand luggage can still go directly to the gate. Hand luggage is collected at the gate and not at check-in desk, respectively cabin bags will be tagged at the gate and collected at the aircraft. At the destination airport, checked-in hand luggage is returned at the luggage belt.

Ryanair explains this by stating that check-in will be much faster and flights can start on time. And indeed, it can be observed that passengers are now taking their seats faster and the search for free luggage lockers is no longer necessary.

The disadvantages of the new regulation are that flights become somewhat more expensive if, for example, if you carry hand luggage that you do not want to be transported in the cargo hold. Then you can’t avoid the Priority option for currently  €5 / £5 each route.
For passengers who only travel with hand luggage without a Priority option, the time spent at the destination airport is extended because you first have to go to the luggage belt and wait for your bags there.

By the way, duty free purchases made after the security check can be taken on board without any hassle. However, if purchases are made in the terminal (i.e. before the security check), they are subject to the standard baggage regulations. This is particularly important when carrying liquids.

Changes for checked baggage
A very welcome change is that Ryanair has also reduced the charges for checked baggage as of 15 January 2018. If you book your bags while booking the flight, you now pay €25  / £25 per suitcase (was €35 / £35). And instead of the previous 15 kg, the luggage may now weigh 20 kg.
Important: If luggage is booked later than the of booking the flight, it is more expensive (€40 / £40 per suitcase).

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