Mainistir Thinteirn
Hook Peninsula -County Wexford

Surrounded by a fairytale forest, the ruins of the former Cistercian monastery of Tintern Abbey sits on the banks of the tidal river Tintern. A exhibition room holds various historical finds. Otherwise, only the bare walls of the complex are preserved.

There is almost more to discover in the surrounding forests. The “Colclough Walled Garden” is only a short walk from the ruins of the monastery. Along the river there are several enchanted ruins and towards Bannow there is an old cemetery with church ruins.

Tintern Abbey was named after the monastery of the same name in Wales, whose patron was William Marshall, the Earl of Rembroke. He was in distress on his way to Ireland in 1200 and vowed to found an abbey where he could land on dry ground. He landed in Bannow Bay and William Marshall kept his word.