Three Castle Head

Dún LochaMizen Peninsula -County Cork

Insider‘s tip, little-known gem or a worthwhile trip – no matter how you name it, Three Castle Head is one of the must-see highlights in the southwest of Ireland! The ruins of Dunlough Castle, enthroned on a plateau in a protected valley, are surrounded by cliffs falling steeply into the sea and a picturesque lake. Three Towers, connected by a solid wall, built this fortification and also named the headland.

If you want to visit Three Castle Head, you have to do it by foot, as there is only a small foot path leading from Dunlough Bay over pastures and stone walls up to the castle. The partly steep climb takes about 25 minutes. However the efforts are soon forgotten. The ruins of Dunlough Castle suddenly appear in the valley, when you have climbed the last hill. An unforgettable sight, especially as you can enjoy the breath-taking view over the Dunmanus Bay and the Atlantic.

Dunlough Castle was built around 1207 as the first of ten tower houses of the O`Mahoney Clan and it‘s aim was to guard and defence of the coast. Of all the O´Mahoney fortifications, Dunlough Castle was the remotest and it‘s not surprising that there is no notice at all, if the castle was ever attacked.
But there is a ghost story passed down about the small lake nearby the castle. It‘s about a cursed Lady, that haunts the lake. Whoever saw her, passed away soon.