Cooley Peninsula -County Louth

The Proleek Dolmen, also called “Giant’s Load”, is an extremely impressive example of the Irish Portal Dolmen. The weight of the gigantic capstone is estimated at around 40 tons. Several legends entwine around the dolmen. It is said to have been built by a giant.
There are always several small stones on the capstone. The reason for this is another legend that says that a wish is fulfilled to those who succeed in throwing a stone onto the dolmen without it falling down again.

The dolmen is located about 7 kilometres north of Dundalk on the R 173 on the grounds of the Ballymascanlan Hotel. From the parking lot, it is a 10 minute walk past an old walled garden and stables. At the end of the golf course is the Dolmen. Another antiquity lies very close by with a wedge grave.