Caisleán Carraig Brachai
Isle of Doagh -County Donegal

The Isle of Doag in the north of Donegal is a real rarity. This remote spot was once an island. But by constant silting it became a peninsula that nowadays is easily accessible via a narrow road. Dunes, hills and one of Ireland’s most beautiful sandy beaches dominate the landscape at first glance. On the northern tip of Doagh, at Pollan Strand, are the remains of Carrickabraghy Castle. Built in the 16th century this fortress must have been a real gem at during its heyday. A mighty building with a tower house was surrounded by a fortress with more towers. But around 1665 Carrickabraghy Castle has been abandoned and since then, the ravages of time have had their strong impact on the once so proud castle. One thing, however, is nowadays still as spectacular as it was then: the fabulous views of the Atlantic Ocean.